So, after about two weeks on Twitter I’ve got slightly more than 140 followers. I had to remove one, who seemed to be a female porn star, though I suppose there are worse things than being followed by a female porn star. I’ve found, actually, that Twitter is surprisingly useful. During the recent shootings in Seattle I became a follower of the Seattle Police Department, and received updates on the manhunt that followed, and on subsequent police actions. A little creepy, though, to receive word today via Twitter that the Seattle Police Department “is following Sherman Alexie,” Sherman Alexie being of course the much-respected Seattle writer. I understand that’s just Twitter-speak, but still. Suppose one day Twitter were to alert me to the fact the CIA was “following Erik Larson.” Time to get out of town, I think.

I’m still trying to figure out what makes Twitter work, however. It is definitely diverting, and kind of fun, and at times truly informative (I follow NPR as well), but I do also wonder if I’m simply Tweeting into the abyss. Just in case I’m not, I have made myself a firm rule: No Tweeting after even a single glass of wine. Twitter and booze–therein lies the path to damnation.

And you can Tweet that if you like. Or follow me into the abyss: @exlarson