I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been chosen to be May’s “Man of the Moment” at Allthingsgirl.com, which tickles me no end–it’s one more of those positive little signs that a writer needs as the launch of his book approaches. (For more on this particular neurosis, please see my new blog post, On the Roller Coaster.)

Other bits of recent happy news: An excellent “starred” advance review of In the Garden of Beasts in the American Library Association’s Booklist, and word that the book made the Shelfawareness.com top-ten list of forthcoming nonfiction books most in demand. Beasts is at no. 3. Not that I’m needy or anything, but I’d really like to be in the no. 1 slot. HELP ME GET THERE. Okay, I’m over it. 

More good news: Here in Seattle, the first signs of spring have sprung–crocuses and the first cherry and forsythia blossoms, and the first chatterings of spring birds. This means that Mrs. Peel, my old British sportscar, will soon emerge from the garage, and tow trucks will be swarming my block like swallows to Capistrano.