I’d ever in a million years open a Twitter account. But I am finding it to be an awful lot of fun. I follow NPR, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Susan Orlean, Karen Abbott, Chris Ballard, Rebecca Skloot and an assortment of others. What’s so interesting is that the personalities of people actually do come through in 140 characters or less–especially Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, though I hesitate to note that their Tweets are not exactly suited to anyone who’s uncomfortable with profanity or the coarser topics of life. If you want to follow moi, please do. You’ll find a Follow on Twitter button below. I’d be honored.

What I like best about Twitter, however, is simply the fact that I took the plunge and joined the 21st century–and did so before my daughters! Ha, take that! And girls, if you need me to explain anything about Tweeting and reTweeting and hash-tags and such, feel free to ask. I promise I will not roll my eyes! Much.