Erik Larson speechless at being offered as Grand Prize in new “Read it Forward” contest. Winning book groups get pre-publication galleys; Grand Prize winner gets Erik. His daughters ask: “That’s all?”

I’m happy to report that “Read it Forward,” a site many of you book-lovers know well, has decided to offer yours truly as a prize, something my three daughters and my wife find hard to believe.┬áHere’s the plan: First, ten winners will be selected, whose book groups will receive up to ten pre-publication galleys of my forthcoming book, In the Garden of Beasts. Soon afterward one grand-prize winner will be selected, who will win me. (Of course, I have my own rules about book group talks, and these MUST be followed, especially one in particular. You’ll find these rules on my Contact page.) Please enter in droves and help me wipe the smirks off my daughters’ faces.

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ERIK LARSON is the author of five New York Times bestsellers, most recently Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, which hit #1 on the Times list soon after launch. This is his blog.

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