‘Dead Wake’ Successfully Launches; Erik Ends Up Back in ‘Dark Country of No Ideas’

My latest book, ‘Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania,’ was officially published on March 10, and is now making its way in the world, like a kid leaving home for college, only in this case I don’t have to worry about the book coming back to do laundry.

Last month I finished a lengthy book tour, which took me to locales throughout America, where I met many reading folk and signed a few gazillion books. Now, however, I’m back, and have begun anew the search for my next book idea, a difficult process during which, as a friend puts it, I enter the ‘dark country of no ideas.’

I know an idea will come. The question, asked by my agent and publisher alike, is when. With a little luck, a little red wine, I might eventually exit the dark country, but it usually takes at least a year before I’m up and running on a new project. To all those who have sent me suggestions, thank you. You are very kind. But the only person who can help me now is … Indiana Jones. No, the only person who can help me is me. Onward!

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Erik Larson is the author of six previous national bestsellers—The Splendid and the Vile, Dead Wake, In the Garden of Beasts, Thunderstruck, The Devil in the White City, and Isaac’s Storm— which have collectively sold more than twelve million copies. His books have been published in nearly forty countries.

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