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  • Sea Salt Dreams

    December 17, 2016

    The times being what they are, I recently decided that it might be prudent to diversify from writing books into some other kind of industry. I quickly hit on the ideal thing: Sea salt. Since “disrupting” markets is apparently the thing these days, as opposed to the old fashioned concept of merely building better products than […]

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The saga of how the lives of the inventor of wireless and of Britain’s second most famous murderer (after Jack the Ripper) intersected during one of the greatest criminal chases of all time. The inventor was Guglielmo Marconi, the young Italian genius; the killer was Hawley Harvey Crippen, who murdered his overbearing wife and fled Britain with his mistress, unaware that Scotland Yard was hot on his heels. The book—an instant New York Times bestseller—brings to life a host of forgotten characters, including spirit mediums, ghost-hunting physicists, Scotland Yard inspectors, and one of the great pioneers of forensic science. The climax occurs during a trans-Atlantic chase which, thanks to the miracle of Marconi’s invention, was followed by millions of people around the world—with Crippen and his mistress completely unaware.

Praise for Thunderstruck

Larson is a marvelous writer…superb at creating characters with a few short strokes.”—The New York Times Book Review

A ripping yarn of murder and invention.”—Los Angeles Times

Larson’s gift for rendering an historical era with vibrant tactility and filling it with surprising personalities makes THUNDERSTRUCK an irresistible tale.”—The Washington Post Book World

[Larson] interweaves gripping storylines about a cryptic murderer and the race for technology in the early 20th century. An edge-of-the-seat read.”—People

Of all the non-fiction writers working today, Erik Larson seems to have the most delicious fun…for his newest, destined-to-delight book, THUNDERSTRUCK, Larson has turned his sights on Edwardian London, a place alive with new science and seances, anonymous crowds and some stunningly peculiar personalities.”—Chicago Tribune

Larson again pairs a murderer and a genius in another gripping, fact-filled account that reads better than fiction.”—New York Daily News

An intense, intelligent page-turner.”—Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Captivating….Larson again demonstrates that he’s one of the best nonfiction writers around, and proves that real-life murders can be as compelling to read about as fictional ones.”—Star Telegram (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Larson has selected another enthralling tale….[He] has once again crafted a popular history narrative that is stylistically closer to a smartly plotted novel.”—Miami Herald

[Larson] captures the human capacity for wonder at the turn of the century…he has perfected a narrative form of his own invention.”—The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

An enthralling narrative and vivid descriptions….another masterpiece of popular history, again intertwining plots that prove grippingly to bear a relation to one another. Larson has done a marvelous job of bringing the distinct stories together in his own unique way. Simply fantastic!”—Library Journal

[A] splendid, beautifully written follow-up…[Larson] remains a master of the fact-filled vignette and humorous aside that propel the story forward. THUNDERSTRUCK triumphantly resurrects the spirit of another age.”—Publishers Weekly (starred, boxed, signature review)